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We are an Innovative Pioneering Company in our Industry

Our company, which carries out production and import activities with R & D and designs, increases its product range by improving itself day by day.
Power Electronics; nowadays at domestic / international airports; It provides services in many different institutions such as runway lighting, tower communication, stadiums, universities, operating rooms of public and private hospitals, imaging centers, Ministry of National Defense, State Railways, hydroelectric power plants. After-sales technical support services make a difference between its competitors and customer satisfaction. Our company, which exports to more than 50 countries, contributes to the Turkish Industry by adding new countries to its portfolio.


In today's world, where the importance of alternative renewable energy solutions are increasing, solar energy solutions become important. In the face of this, the application of solar energy systems which takes the advantage of natural resources of our country gain increasing importance.

About the project
Our quality policy

To increase the continuity of customer satisfaction with our product and service quality.
Branding all over the world.


To be the best in the sector in Turkey and the World.


To produce in a safe, sufficient, economical, high quality, preferred and environmentally friendly way.

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