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Solar Power, one of Turkey's leading companies in Solar Energy Systems, considers it a part of it's mission to inform you about Solar Energy Systems, the energy technology of the future. In this way, we think that by spreading this technology in our country, we will also realize our mission against nature and people.

The conventional energy sources that are decreasing, are the cause of wars, economic crises, air pollution which is the cause of global warming and many other tragedies in today's world. Therefore, humanity has to turn to renewable and natural energy sources to meet it's energy needs. Solar energy is among the leading renewable energy sources with its accessibility, sustainability and efficiency.

For all these reasons, you can contact us to get more information and advice about the solar energy application you need, to benefit from our free discovery and consultancy service, or just to satisfy your curiosity on this subject.

Our Consulting Services:

Systems that do not require a license ( 1 – 1000 kW) Solarpovver renewable energy resources Consultancy Solar Power Plant

  • Determination of solar energy potential
  • Site development and supply
  • Site, ground and road works
  • Investigation of close voltage lines
  • Determination of suitable places for connection to the electricity grid
  • Determination of settlement points,
  • Analysis of regional and point climate data,
  • Analysis of electricity generation models
  • Determination of the most appropriate system design
  • Equipment selection and project design
  • Capacity determination for the system to be installed
  • Calculation of investment costs
  • Presentation of investment options
  • Determination of favorable conditions for the scope of incentives
  • Preparation of license application files
  • Post-license project and consultancy services


Systems requiring license (500 kW – 100 MW) Solar Power renewable energy resources Consultancy Solar Power Plant

  • Determining the place where the system will be installed,determining a new location if it is not suitable
  • Determining the electricity consumption of the customer
  • Analysis and interpretation of the wind or solar data of the site
  • Examining the network structure
  • Examining the ground conditions of the land
  • Selecting the appropriate system in line with the data
  • Presenting the pre-feasibility report
  • Consulting

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