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Solar Power, one of Turkey's leading companies in Solar Energy Systems, considers it a part of it's mission to inform you about Solar Energy Systems, the energy technology of the future. In this way, we think that by spreading this technology in our country, we will also realize our mission against nature and people.


Solar Powered Lighting

Lighting is the area where solar panels are first applied. Especially as of the early 1990s, as a result of the development of technology, the increase in cell efficiency and the decrease in panel prices, solar lighting systems have become quite common in the world.

Off-grid Solar Systems

Off-grid solar systems are designed to provide electricity to homes or buildings that are not connected to the grid, or main electricity distribution network. These systems are typically used in remote or rural areas where it is not feasible or economical to connect to the grid.

Grid Connected (On-grid)

The most popular photovoltaic electricity generation application in the world is the transfer of power obtained from PV panels on the roofs and facades of buildings to the electricity grid. In this application, the photovoltaic power generation system works like a mini power plant. The electricity produced from photovoltaic panels is sold to the grid at a separate tariff through a separate meter.


Photovoltaic System Project Application Form

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